#MagentoImagine 2013: Why Groove’s Excited

Team Groove Commerce will once again be attending and exhibiting at the Magento Imagine Conference, which is being hosted this year in Las Vegas, NV. As an award-winning Magento Gold Partner, we couldn’t be more excited for the third year of this annual conference as it brings together merchants, partners, developers, and Magento enthusiasts from 35+ countries for three days of jam-packed industry engagement! That said, what are we extra excited about this year?


This year’s show has been donned “The Art of Commerce”, which seems fitting considering that Magento has now been around the block for eCommerce platforms since its initial release in 2008, with the annual conference itself being in its third year. We expect that an on-going theme for dialogue this year in particular will revolve around emerging commerce solutions backed by specific and long-measured client data, which should be far from short-supply considering that ~1500 merchants are expected to attend. 


In addition to some great folks from Magento that are set to keynote, we’re looking forward to hearing John Donahoe, President & CEO of eBay Inc., and Steven Levitt, Economist & Co-Author of Freakonomics, speak at the show. Donahoe, who became CEO of eBay in 2008, should be able to provide some great insights into the growth and direction of Magento as we push forward this year and beyond with the release of Magento 2.0. Likewise, Levitt should be able to share some new insights into the landscape of eCommerce this year as well as the Magento marketplace as a whole from a high level – all of which we couldn’t be more excited to hear.

Network, Network, Network

Most industry-specific conferences are chock full of networking, but the Magento community is an extremely social and engaging group. Add to that the fact that the conference is being held at the M Resort in Las Vegas and that sponsored excursion events should last until the wee-hours of each night and we have a recipe for a truly amazing week of networking.

Curious as to who all is attending? Check out this list of registrants, which is continually being updated.

Curious as to what I meant above about the uniqueness of the Magento community? Check out this awesome trailer, which was released earlier this year:

See You There!

We can’t wait to meet clients, potential clients, and partners at the show. If you’d like to set aside some time to meet up in person, please don’t hesitate to reach out to sales@groovecommerce.com. Likewise, you can follow all of the Team Groove attendees on Twitter:

Ethan Giffin, CEO, @opie

Mack McGee, VP, @mackmcgee

Robyn Keegan, @GrooveRobyn

Chris Feroli, @cferoli

Tom Nelson, @tcnbaltimore

Colin Kendall, @ckendall4


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